Our schedule is split into parallel sessions throughout the day, culminating in keynote presentations in the LPAC main house.


Mornings and afternoons also make space for working group meetings and the New Scholars Lunch, while we turn our post-keynote wine-receptions over to networking, book launches, and celebrating our colleagues.

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Breakdown of Sessions: Day 1


10:30-11:30 Registration and Conference Welcome 

Lincoln Performing Arts Centre

Shared Spaces

11:30-12:45, Studio One


  • Marie Kelly, University College Cork

‘It’s easier if you are doing it with your pal’: Creative Partnerships and Collaboration in Irish Theatre – Politics, place, play

  • Eric Weitz, Trinity College Dublin

‘Waking the Comedians: Humour as Weaponry for Social Change’

  • Rhona Trench, IT Sligo

‘“Out to the Hazelwood”: Blue Raincoat Theatre Company’s Multi-layered Beckett Triple Bill, Saehan Factory, Sligo’

Cultural Capital and the Regional

11:30-12:45, Studio Two


  • Michael Finneran, MIC, University of Limerick

‘Limerick, a regional city of theatre’

  • Nicholas Holden, University of Lincoln

‘A Model for International Playwriting Practice: The Royal Court Young Peoples’ Theatre and the Regional Arts Association, 1988-1998’

  • Daithí Kearney, Dundalk Institute of Technology

‘Entertainment of the Land: Community and Regionality in Irish Folk Theatre’

12:45-13:45: Lunch (New Scholars Lunch)


  • Michael Jaros, Salem State University

‘“The capital of the ruins:” Beckett and the Landscape of Catastrophe’

  • Salomé Paul, Sorbonne University / University College Dublin

‘A War Play? Conflictual versions of Antigone in France and Northern Ireland’  

  • Michael Pinchbeck, University of Lincoln

‘Conducting requiems for Sarajevo: The dramaturgy of ruins, the musicality of repair’

  • Justine Nakase, NUI Galway

‘Themens and Usens’: Polish and Northern Irish Whiteness in Owen McCafferty’s Quietly and Stacey Gregg’s Shibboleth

Zones of Conflict

13:45-15:15, Studio One



  • Kate Chapman, De Monfort University

‘Walking through walls: Walking and listening in disrupted urbanscapes’

  • Marianne Kennedy, NUI Galway

‘The “Regeneration” of Rural Irish theatre through the re-imagining and re-positioning of Gaelic theatre practices on the professional stage’

  • Rachel Baynton, University of Lincoln

‘Resisting the Auditable Surface: Participation and Process in Community Theatre’

  • David Teevan, University College Dublin

‘New ways of saying and seeing: performing a two stage political action in multi-disciplinary collaborative arts practice’

Communities & Collaboration

13:45-15:15, Studio Two

15:15-15:30: tea and coffee break


  • Kate Donoghue, University of Manchester

‘(Re)Mapping Balkan Geographies: DAH Teatar's In/Visible City

  • Ciara L. Murphy, NUI Galway

‘Urban Ruins: Reclaiming women’s histories through ANU Productions’ “Monto Cycle”’

  • Jo Scott, University of Salford

‘“It’s cowboy country up there”: Ruination and Ruinenlust in the wilds of Broughton’

  • Emilie Pine, University College Dublin

‘Freedom of Movement?: Site-specific performance and the role of the spectator in Irish theatre now’

The (In)Visible Urban

15:30-17:00, Studio One



  • Angela Butler, Trinity College Dublin

‘Affective Revisions: humans, nonhumans, and postdigital landscapes in Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari’s The Body

  • Gustavo Fijalkow, Coventry University

‘Trans-forming the Nation? National Dance Platforms in a globalised world’

  • Aoife McGrath, Queen’s University Belfast

‘On Borders, Boundaries and Bumps: Dance and the Maternal’

  • Carole Quigley, MIC, University of Limerick

‘“I believe her.” Deconstructing the performance and performativity of rape culture in Ireland’s 2018 Six Nations Tournament’

Bodies & Boundaries

15:30-17:00, Studio Two

17:00-18:00: Keynote, lpac main stage - mike pearson, aberystwyth university

‘“The Country and the City”: performing places'

18:00-19:30 wine reception & book launches

Rape on the Contemporary Stage

- by Lisa Fitzpatrick

Christoph Schlingensief: Staging Chaos, Performing Politics and Theatrical Phantasmagoria

- by Anna Scheer

Dance Matters in Ireland: Contemporary Performance and Practice

- edited by Aoife McGrath and Emma Meehan

Performance Ireland: Gender, Sexuality, and the City

- edited by Shonagh Hill and Cormac O’Brien

19:30: CLOSE